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10 Reasons Why Teaching Is Fun

By Jamie Goodwin on January 15, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career

Someone once said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s how I feel about teaching. Teaching is not only something that I love to do, but I think it’s...

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The Best Ways to Use Tablets in the Classroom with Students

There is lots of great technology to use in the classroom–one of which is tablets. If your classroom is lucky enough to have tablets for your students to use, try these 8 ways to use tablets in...

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7 Things to Know If You Want to Teach in Alaska

By Jamie Goodwin on January 11, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Career

There are different things to know about teaching in each state. If you want to teach in Alaska, here are some things that you should know.

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Pros and Cons of Classroom Seating Arrangements

By Jamie Goodwin on January 10, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom

When students walk into your classroom, one of the first things that they want to know is where they should sit. Many teachers choose to take away the mystery by creating classroom seating...

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6 Student Teaching Last Day Ideas to Consider

By Jamie Goodwin on January 09, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

You’ve worked hard throughout your student teaching experience. Now that it’s the last day, you want to leave on a high note. You want to plan a fun but educational experience for your students....

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How to Balance Teaching and Grad School

By Allison White on January 08, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Career

Teaching and grad school are both very challenging. Doing them together is not for the faint of heart! It is possible though — I’ve done it, and so have many others. Here are some tips for...

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7 Online Tools to Support Teachers in the Classroom

By Rachel Kapelke-Dale on January 07, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Technology

When it comes to helping students, few tools are as effective as a great classroom teacher. But a great classroom teacher with great tools? Unstoppable. Yet wading through the tons of resources...

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Teaching Interview Outfit 101: What to Wear

By Jamie Goodwin on January 04, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Career

The moment you arrive on campus for a teaching job interview, you’re being evaluated. The interviewers are observing you and trying to decide whether or not you’d be the perfect fit for their...

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What Grade Should You Teach? How to Decide

By David Recine on January 03, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, High School, Career, Middle School, Elementary

Different age groups can provide very different teaching experiences. So what grade should you teach? You’ll want to decide early on in your teacher training.

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How Many Hours Will I Spend Student Teaching?

By David Recine on January 01, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

Student teaching is a full-time job…literally. A student teacher does all the same things that a full-time salaried teacher would do.

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