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The Best Ways to Use Tablets in the Classroom with Students

There is lots of great technology to use in the classroom–one of which is tablets. If your classroom is lucky enough to have tablets for your students to use, try these 8 ways to use tablets in...

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Pros and Cons of Classroom Seating Arrangements

By Jamie Goodwin on January 10, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom

When students walk into your classroom, one of the first things that they want to know is where they should sit. Many teachers choose to take away the mystery by creating classroom seating...

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7 Online Tools to Support Teachers in the Classroom

By Rachel Kapelke-Dale on January 07, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Technology

When it comes to helping students, few tools are as effective as a great classroom teacher. But a great classroom teacher with great tools? Unstoppable. Yet wading through the tons of resources...

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Do’s and Don'ts of Classroom Management

Classroom management. It’s a much-discussed topic in teacher education programs, continuing education courses, and among teachers and administrators. Teachers don’t want to spend their days...

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What to Ask Your Cooperating Teacher Before Student Teaching

By Jamie Goodwin on December 27, 2018
Topics:  Student Teaching, Classroom, Career

My university worked to determine my student teaching placement as soon as possible. This allowed me to reach out and introduce myself before I showed up on the first day. Along with a brief...

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9 Classroom Vocabulary Games to Use with Your Students

By Jamie Goodwin on December 27, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, High School, Classroom, Middle School, Elementary

Vocabulary is an important part of every subject; there are always words that students need to learn in order to better understand the concepts being taught. Unfortunately, many students struggle...

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Preparing for Your First Day of Student Teaching

By David Recine on December 26, 2018
Topics:  Student Teaching, Classroom, Career

The first day of student teaching is a big event for teachers in training. For most student teachers, it’ll be the first time they’re in charge of a classroom, acting as a “full” teacher. This...

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7 Ideas for Student Assessment in Kindergarten

By Jamie Goodwin on December 26, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Elementary

Educators have discovered that exams aren’t the best form of assessment for every student. This is especially true with kindergartners. At this stage, students are on such different levels and...

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Quiet Games in the Classroom: 5 Games Your Students Will Love

By Jamie Goodwin on December 25, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Middle School, Elementary

You always want to have fun teaching. But sometimes you need quiet games in the classroom. Maybe the weather has pushed recess indoors. Maybe your students need to let loose to help them refocus....

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Top Questioning Techniques in the Classroom

By Jamie Goodwin on December 22, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, High School, Classroom, Middle School

There are lots of reasons for using questioning techniques as one of your teaching strategies in the classroom. You could use questions to engage your students, check for understanding, test for...

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