I used the wrong email address for a student, how do I fix it?

When adding students to Magoosh you sometimes find out the email address is incorrect or you had a typo. No worries, it easy to fix by just editing their email address!

  1. Starting from the "Students" page, select the student whose email you need to edit by clicking on the student's name/email address (or press the edit button to the far right of their name). kb - fix email
  2. On the student's profile page, select "Edit Student" in the upper right corner of the overview box.
  3. On the "Edit Student" page, enter the correct email in the "Email" box.
  4. You can also reset their password by entering a new one on this page or request a password reset (ACT or SAT) to be sent to the student.
  5. Click "Save Student" to finalize the changes.