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How do I create instructor accounts?

You can create new instructors when you create a class, or if you are an admin in Magoosh you can also create new instructor accounts.

When you create a class you can easily add new and existing instructors!

KB - create instructor account 5

For our Magoosh admins, you can click on the "instructor" tab. Once here, click on the purple "assign instructor" button and then click into "new instructor". KB - create instructor account 2

Input the email address and name of the instructor and assign the instructor/s a class. Once finished, click "Assign Instructors" and you're all set.

KB - create instructor account 3KB - create instructor account 4

If you think you need admin access, please reach out to your school liaison to get in touch with us at Magoosh. 

For more information, please check out our video tutorial below:

HubSpot Video