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We know that with shelter-in-place requirements comes a need for schools to provide quality online resources. Now through the end of the Spring 2020 semester, Magoosh is partnering with schools to provide free ACT and SAT prep to students and instructors.

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Magoosh offers solutions for your test prep needs:

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"Overall, your website is an irreplaceable tool for a high schooler who is getting ready for college."

Yulia, SAT Student (first-time test taker)

Why Choose Magoosh?

Over 2,000 Questions

Our practice questions are carefully written and edited to give students the most accurate practice possible.

Lesson Videos

Students learn everything they need to know, from conjunctions to graph analysis, with our library of video lessons.

Friendly Support

Help is always just a click away. If a student doesn’t understand something, our tutors will explain it quickly and clearly.

Explanation Videos

Each practice question has its own video explanation that covers the vital concepts, shortcuts and pitfalls.

Simple Design

Students can study online wherever they go. Our clean and simple interface gets out of the way and lets students learn.


Students don’t need expensive classes and private tutors to get their dream scores. Studying online is more flexible and we pass the savings on to you.

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