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Magoosh is the proven, engaging, and accessible way to prepare for college entrance exams. We have the tools for groups as small as 10 or districts with over 100,000 students!

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Our full suite of products assist your students with achieving the scores they want and the instructor tools you need.

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Help Improve Your Student's GRE Score By at Least Five Points

Magoosh is the shortest distance between them and an acceptance letter.

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The GRE Prep Everyone's Talking About

By partnering with Magoosh, your students will join the thousands of students who have successfully prepared for the GRE with our program. It's easy for your students to learn and succeed just like their peers.

GRE - Jerilyn
Magoosh was exactly what I needed to kickstart my GRE prep. The practice questions were incredibly addictive and the dashboard progress pie chart very encouraging. The quick turnaround time in email responses was very appreciated.
Math 170, Verbal 166
The hard vocab in the practice problems really benefited me because on the actual test there was maybe one word I didn’t know. The video lessons and explanations were excellent. They cut to the chase and really just told me what I needed to know for the test.
Math 166, Verbal 169
Magoosh served as the facilitator and organizer of my studying. The video explanations for each question were an amazing resource, leaving no instances of confusion. Everything you could imagine needing and more was here. Thanks!
Math 160, Verbal 162

Why You'll Love Magoosh GRE

Do your students need accessible and effective GRE materials to help them improve their learning and testing process?

With Magoosh GRE, your students have the freedom to study anywhere, anytime on a desktop or mobile device. With Magoosh, your students have the power to email a team of devoted experts for assistance whenever they get stuck.

Magoosh GRE has proven to be effective, being the only US test prep company that includes official GRE® materials. Magoosh GRE also comes with top-quality study materials that are continually updated based on millions of students’ answers as well as smart feedback and progress tracking to turn your student's weaknesses into their strengths.

That's right, Magoosh is here to help your students improve as fast as they possibly can. 

GRE Top Quality Materials

Build & Follow Targeted Study Schedules

With Magoosh, your student will always study with the most updated, tried-and-tested materials based on carefully analyzing millions of students’ answers.  Your students can take notes, bookmark, read transcripts, and give the Magoosh team feedback. The Magoosh team gives your students everything they need to make GRE studying a breeze.

Magoosh makes it easy for your students to figure out where to start studying and to stay motivated until test day. The Magoosh 11 carefully crafted study schedules accommodate varying study times and skills, so your learners always know the best way to study.

GRE - Study Schedule

Gain Real Test Experience

Your student's practice experience will be as close to the real exam as possible. The Magoosh team maintains the highest question standards and has developed adaptive technology that simulates the official GRE.

Your learners can create customized practice sessions to drill themselves on specific subjects and difficulty levels. If your students get stuck on anything, they can read our detailed text explanations or watch the video tutorials that follow each question.

GRE - Experience

Your Educator Portal

Your Magoosh purchase provides you with a free educator portal account.

Your educator portal allows you to distribute student accounts, monitor student progress, access detailed reports, and view your full Magoosh product. As you work with your students you can see their estimated scores, questions answered, videos watched, and time spent learning with Magoosh as well as drill down to see every question a student has answered.

Whether you’re looking for a quick overview or more granular detailed information, your educator portal gives you easy access to what you need!

grad instructor dashboard

What You Get With Magoosh

  • 8 full sections worth of licensed official GRE® questions
  • Comprehensive coverage of Math, Verbal and AWA
  •  Helpful video lessons
  • Over 1,600 practice questions
  • Up to 3 practice tests
  • Study schedules
  • 6 months of access
  • Ask an expert
  • Score predictor
  • Pause your plan
GRE Dashboard (1)


“Magoosh not only provides you with all the necessary tools that you would need for your GRE prep it also takes away a bit of the craziness of the entire preparation phase regarding gathering all information because it provides you not only with study material but also with general information.” 

GAIN Program

Magoosh, designed to WOW!

Are you ready to transform how your students study? Want to get the GRE prep that makes the most impact in the least amount of time?

Our online platform offers comprehensive study materials and practice questions, tailored to the GRE. Plus, with our user-friendly interface and 24/7 support, your students can study on their own schedule and get the extra help they need to succeed. 

Leverage Magooshes unbeatable test prep pricing, and let's have a conversation.