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Assigning Student Accounts - June 2020 update


Distributing Student Accounts

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to create a Magoosh account for your students from your instructor dashboard.

Assigning an Account

Navigate to your instructor dashboard by clicking on the link at the top of your screen. Follow these steps to create a new student account.

  • Click on Assign student accounts.
  • Click on Select an exam to choose the correct product.
  • Click on Select a class section to select a class.
  • Type your students’ emails into the text box, one student email per line. Alternatively, click on Text File Upload and click on Choose File to upload an Excel file.
    • Important note: your Excel sheet may only contain a list of your students’ emails.
  • Click Assign Student Accounts.

Your students’ accounts will be activated immediately. They will receive two automated emails that contain:

  • a login link to the platform
  • their login email address
  • the date their account expires
  • instructions for creating a password

Navigate back to your Class Report to see a list of students you’ve created accounts for. Note that the student name field will only populate once the student has updated their account.