New Instructor Account Feature: Student Answer Review

by Victoria Van Horsen | Jan 21, 2020 10:22:27 AM

We have rolled out a new feature to allow you to do a detailed review of student answers! We're always listening to instructor feedback, and one of the most common requests we've received was to make the student review page accessible from the instructor dashboard.  Access to this feature will allow you to see how any given student has answered individual questions, understand how they are doing on specific topics, and view their progress over a given time period


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Student Answer Review: Instructor Experience

To access this new review feature, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your instructor dashboard
  2. Click on any student to see their detailed activity report
  3. Click to the right of Strengths & Weaknesses where it says "Review all [Exam] answers"

From here you will be able to review their answers based on:

  • Date
  • Result
  • Difficulty
  • Pace
  • Section
  • Subject

Once you determine your filter(s), the view of answers will automatically update to reflect your selection. From here, you can click into any question to view the student's answer, and the correct answer (if they got it incorrect.) 


View of Student Answer Review Page



If you are a current partner and have questions about using this please reach out to your specialist or


Happy studying! :)


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