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36 Top Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

jobs for teachers

After completing student teaching, receiving your teaching certificate, and getting your first classroom, you may find that teaching just isn’t for you. Maybe the state where you teach doesn't offer a high enough salary to be worth it. Then what? You’ve spent so much time and money to get your teaching degree. You don’t want to start over again. Fortunately, you can use your teaching degree to help you get other jobs. Here are some of the possible jobs for teachers outside of the classroom.

jobs for teachers


If you want to use your education degree without actually teaching students, there are lots of options available. Many of these careers may require a graduate degree or training. However, all of them allow you to utilize your teaching skills and education in one way or another. These jobs include a:

  1. Librarian
  2. School Counselor
  3. Curriculum development expert
  4. Math/reading coach
  5. Adult education teacher
  6. Tutor
  7. Prison inmate instructor
  8. Interpreter
  9. Translator
  10. Researcher
  11. Nanny
  12. Education consultant
  13. Standardized test developer
  14. Test grader
  15. Principal and other administrative roles
  16. Career counselor
  17. Child life specialist
  18. Admissions counselor
  19. Camp director
  20. Residential life director
  21. Education lobbyist

Business and Other Fields

If you want to leave the education field entirely, there are plenty of positions that you can pursue. Some of which include:

  1. Online marketing specialist
  2. Technical writer
  3. Salesperson (specifically a school supply salesperson)
  4. Administrative assistant
  5. Human resources recruiter
  6. Business management professional
  7. Entrepreneur
  8. Grant writer
  9. Writer
  10. Editor
  11. Corporate trainer
  12. Paralegal
  13. Museum curator/archivist
  14. Government agency employee
  15. Non-profit organization worker

Job Skills and Qualities

When making a career change, use your cover letter to discuss how teaching prepared you for the new career of your choice. As a teacher, you have a wide variety of skills and qualities that are vital to other professions. For example, teachers have great organization, leadership, and communication skills. They know how to work independently and with a team. Teachers are natural leaders and lifelong learners. They’re flexible, creative, excellent problem solvers, and great collaborators. These skills are all helpful in lots of different jobs. In your cover letter, show employers how you can put these skills to positively impact their company.

Think about another career field that you might be interested in pursuing. How did your education and teaching experiences prepare you to excel in that field? Do you need to pursue further education or training to get a job in that field? Take the necessary steps to make yourself marketable in whichever area you choose. Then, use your cover letter to show potential employees why you would be a perfect fit for many jobs for teachers outside of the classroom.

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