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2 min read

10 Reasons Why Teaching Is Fun


Someone once said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s how I feel about teaching. Teaching is not only something that I love to do, but I think it’s a lot of fun. It's one of the reasons people become teachers. If you’re wondering why teaching is fun, here are some of my reasons.


10 Reasons Why Teaching Is Fun

  1. Every day is different. After spending some time working in a cubicle one summer, I realized that I wasn’t interested in a typical 9-to-5 job. I wanted a job that would bring different challenges every day. That is what teaching gives me. Of course, a lot of this comes from keeping things lively by using fun worksheets, doing fun projects, or throwing in some fun teaching games with my students. These activities help keep me on my toes and make my life more interesting and enjoyable.
  2. You get to watch students learn and grow. Some students are going to struggle more than others, but there’s nothing quite like witnessing a student have that light-bulb moment when everything finally clicks. Watching student growth, successes, and improvements is a rewarding process. It makes the day fun and keeps me smiling.
  3. There is never a dull moment. With a classroom full of different personalities, there’s always something going on.
  4. You get to learn new skills all the time. Some of the skills are necessary in order to keep up with educational trends. However, some skills are things that you pick up from your students along the way, too.
  5. There are lots of people to meet and relationships to develop. I love meeting other educators who are passionate and committed to teaching and helping their students. I also love developing positive relationships with staff members, students, parents, and others in the community.
  6. Students are funny! Sometimes I have to stifle a laugh as students do something in class. Other times, I can’t help but join the class in fits of laughter with something that a student said or did.
  7. You get to be a role model, influencing students for the good. Students will look up to you. This may not seem fun. In fact, sometimes it seems daunting. However, there’s always the chance that something you say or do will make a lasting, positive impact on one of your students. That’s pretty cool to think about!
  8. You can help your students explore the world around them. Open your students’ eyes to things that they would never have seen otherwise through field trips, research projects, observations, and more.
  9. Teaching is gratifying. Sometimes it feels like a thankless job. However, one “thank you” from a student, former student, or parent makes all the difference. Gratitude in the form of kind words, letters, or end-of-the-year gifts, gives you an extra bounce to your step.
  10. You get the opportunity to watch your students cultivate talents, excel in extracurricular activities, make meaningful friendships, and discover things about themselves. It’s awesome when students keep in touch, so you get to see how they’re using those talents and skills!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Teaching might be what you do for work, but it can include plenty of fun times! Teaching was definitely the right career path for me. I love it, and I have a lot of fun doing it! Look for the fun. Find reasons to smile during the day, and teaching will be a rewarding and fun experience.

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