Must Have Technology in the Classroom for 2018

by Jamie Goodwin | Jan 24, 2019 10:17:00 AM

Technology advancements have changed the way teachers do a lot of things in the classroom. Not only is technology helpful, but it’s become necessary for a lot of things. As 2017 ends and the new year begins, here are some of the must-have technology in the classroom for teachers.

must have tech


Tablets are easy to store, and they have lots of uses. For this reason, they are helpful to have for every student. They can help with word processing, Internet browsing, education apps, digital textbooks, and a whole lot more. There are many different tablets available, but the most popular are iPads, Google Nexus, or Amazon Kindle. Teachers can purchase these and other items through grants.

Interactive Whiteboards

Imagine having a whiteboard that connects to your computer. It could pull up videos, pictures, documents, and more. But, you could also write on the board, too. Interactive whiteboards are basically large computer monitors. They can be used for multimedia presentations, but the touchscreen capabilities also allow teachers and students to write and draw on them.

Class Websites

Class websites help teachers communicate classroom happenings with parents. They also allow students to contribute! If you want students to have a real-world application for language arts, give them an assignment to write on the blog. This allows them to “publish” their work for others to see.

Student Response System

In college, we used iClickers to take quick in-class quizzes. This same technology can be used in elementary, middle, and high schools without the need to buy any extra supplies. Internet tools like Socrative or Google Forms permit students to provide instant feedback to the teacher. Within seconds, the teacher can check for understanding and change the lesson based on the needs of the class.

Communication Apps

Speaking with students and teachers has never been easier with the help of apps like Remind 101 or Teacher Kit. These applications help teachers send a quick text or email to the entire class or individual students and their parents. Teachers can remind students of homework assignments or upcoming deadlines on projects. They can also tell parents about any behavioral issues or classroom successes from that day.

The must-have technology in the classroom has changed and evolved, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. Keeping your classroom up-to-date with the latest technology might be difficult, but you’ll find that it can make your life easier and better meet the needs of your students.

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