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College Board Resources You Should Know About

By Nadyja Von Ebers on July 21, 2021
Topics:  college admissions

Depending on your position and responsibilities at your high school (whether you're a teacher, administrator, or counselor), you may or may not have experience with the College Board.  In short,...

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ACT Updates to Have on Your Radar

By Nadyja Von Ebers on July 07, 2021
Topics:  college admissions

COVID-19 threw a wrench in standardized testing plans (and all plans!) for quite some time. But now that things have somewhat returned back to normal, there aresome significant changes to the ACT...

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Writing Letters of Recommendation for College

By Nadyja Von Ebers on June 28, 2021
Topics:  college admissions

If you teach high schoolers, especially seniors (or rising seniors), at least a few of them (and maybe many of them!) will ask you for a letter of recommendation for college.  And as you're...

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Student Loan Options Explained

By Nadyja Von Ebers on October 09, 2020
Topics:  College, college admissions

An Introduction to Student Loans

If you teach or work with high school juniors or seniors, chances are you hear a lot of buzz from your students about going to college—including paying for college.

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How to Prepare Students for the ACT in 2020

It's 2020, and standardized testing looks different than it ever has before. While testing companies, including the ACT, are working hard to make testing safe and accessible for students, the...

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College Planning Timeline for High Schoolers

By Dr. Kat Thomson on January 17, 2020
Topics:  High School, college admissions

A Complete Timeline

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