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Nadyja Von Ebers

Nadyja holds an MA in English from DePaul University and has been an English instructor...

HS _ Bulk _ Blog Banner _ ACT Essay Tips.png

4 min read

10 Tips for Acing the ACT Essay

The ACT Writing Test is an optional, 40-minute component of the ACT. This section tests a student’s ability to craft an organized, well-articulated analytical essay on a presented topic. The prompt presents three distinct perspectives on a complex...

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HS _ Bulk _ Blog Banner _ College Board.png

4 min read

What is the College Board?

As high school teachers, we often reference the College Board as our students prepare for the next stage in their academic careers. But who is this...

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ACT _ Bulk _ Blog Header _ NCRC (1).png

3 min read

What is the National Career Readiness Certificate?

Across high schools, there is plenty of preparation for college, from ACT and SAT practice to college essay tutorials. But what about preparation for...

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6 min read

The Teacher's Guide to Answering Questions about College

If you teach high school, and especially upperclassmen, you’ve probably fielded some questions from students along the lines of "why it is important...

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ACT _ Bulk _ Blog Header.png

3 min read

How School Counselors can Help Prepare Students for the ACT

We tend to think of ACT prep as a teacher’s job, but a school’s college counselor can also be highly beneficial to students in the ACT prep process....

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HS_Bulk_Blog_Support Test Prep.png

7 min read

How to Support High School Test Prep in Your School's Curriculum

As busy instructors who must simultaneously juggle our own subject curriculum and adequately prepare our students for the ACT, SAT, and college...

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School_How Much Does the ACT Cost.png

2 min read

How Much Does the ACT Cost (and Does Your School Help Cover It)?

How costly the entire ACT-taking process is for students depends on several factors: how many times they take the test, how many colleges they are...

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Two month ACT study schedule.png

11 min read

Six Month ACT Study Guide

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have at least six months to prepare for the ACT, and that is a fantastic news! If you’re taking the ACT...

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How to align your in-class writing assignments with the ACT Essay Rubric!.png

5 min read

How to Improve Your Students' Writing Using the ACT Essay Rubric

Because the ACT Writing test is optional, some teachers opt out of preparing students for it. However, many colleges do require the writing test, so...

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