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How to Set Goals as a Student Teacher

By David Recine on February 01, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

As I’ve mentioned before, student teaching is a very important step in your career. So you’ll want to prepare well for your first day of student teaching,  and set good goals. Knowing what you...

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What Is Student Teaching?

By David Recine on January 31, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, you’ve probably heard the term “student teaching.” But what is student teaching, and why is it so important? That question can be answered in two...

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Fun Teaching Games to Try in Your Classroom

By Jamie Goodwin on January 30, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, High School, Classroom, Middle School, Elementary

Incorporating games into your lessons is one of many teaching strategies. And it has many benefits. First, it is a great way to get students up and moving! Giving your students a chance to get out...

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How to Deal with Parents as a Teacher

By David Recine on January 30, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Career

Research organizations, government agencies and news reporters all concur: parental involvement is one of the biggest factors—perhaps the biggest factor—in a child’s academic achievement. For ...

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Can I Become a Teacher Without an Education Degree?

By Allison White on January 29, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career

Good question! The traditional path to teaching is to earn an education degree and your teaching licensure at the same time. However, while that is the most common path, it is definitely not the...

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Student Teaching Outfits: What to Wear

By David Recine on January 28, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

What should your student teaching outfits look like? What to wear may sound like a silly question, but it’s important . . . and surprisingly easy to get wrong.

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What Subject Should You Teach? How to Decide

By David Recine on January 25, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Career

So you want to become a teacher. But what subject should you teach? This is a big decision because different subjects require different teacher training. Ideally, you should pick a subject to...

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Student Teaching Gifts for the End of Your Experience

By Jamie Goodwin on January 25, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching

We've already taken a look at ideas for student teaching that will help engage your kids and make your experience a great one. As your student teaching experience comes to a close, you may decide...

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Must Have Technology in the Classroom for 2018

Technology advancements have changed the way teachers do a lot of things in the classroom. Not only is technology helpful, but it’s become necessary for a lot of things. As 2017 ends and the new...

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What Are My Options for Alternative Teacher Certification?

By David Recine on January 23, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career

The National Education Association and the U.S. Department of Education both report that alternative paths to teacher certification are on the rise. More and more, paths to certification that do...

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