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How to Find Teacher Professional Development Opportunities

By Jamie Goodwin on March 21, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career

As a teacher, you need to complete teacher professional development opportunities to maintain your license. However, you can also learn a lot of great information to support you in the classroom....

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How Do You Become a Teacher Aide?

By David Recine on March 20, 2019
Topics:  Career

Do you lack a teaching degree or license but love working with young learners? If so, you may want to become a substitute teacher or a teacher aide. Teacher aides–also called classroom aides or...

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6 Ways to Celebrate Classroom Birthdays

By Jamie Goodwin on March 20, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Middle School, Elementary

I am a self-proclaimed Birthday Brat! In fact, I come from a long line of Birthday Brats. We take our birthdays (and sometimes birth-weeks) very seriously! We don’t expect a lot, but we definitely...

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Should I Become a Teacher? 10 Things to Consider

By Adam on March 20, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Career

Teaching isn’t always — or even most of the time — an easy job, as most teachers are likely to tell you. If you’re considering taking the Praxis and pursuing teaching as a career, there are quite...

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How to Work While Student Teaching

By Jamie Goodwin on March 15, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

Student teaching is basically a full-time job. After spending the day with your students, your nights are filled with meetings, grading assignments, lesson planning, and more. Because of this,...

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Student Teaching Tips: Helping Your Student with Fragile X

By Allison White on March 14, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Classroom

Fragile X syndrome can be tricky to understand and it may not be one of the student teaching difficulties you've prepared for. But with a few changes to your typical teaching style, you can be a...

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First Day of School Outfit: What to Wear as a Teacher

By Allison White on March 13, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Career

You might remember your parents dressing you oh so carefully on your first day of school as a kid. For teachers, you do have to dress yourself now (sorry), but the outfit choice for your first day...

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Does the PPST Still Exist?

By Jessica Wan on March 12, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career, Praxis

If you’ve been on the path to becoming a teacher for over a year, you’ve likely seen the acronym PPST. The Praxis I PPST, or Pre-Professional Skills Test, was the previous version of what we now...

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Answers to 5 FAQs about Teachers Unions You Should Know

By Jamie Goodwin on March 11, 2019
Topics:  Teachers, Career

When first entering the field, you hear a lot about teachers unions. And depending on where you teach, you may be forced to pay dues to the union. If not, you need to decide whether or not to...

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4 Reasons People Quit Student Teaching

By Jamie Goodwin on March 08, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Career

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either:

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