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Helping Your Students Find and Win Scholarships

By Nadyja Von Ebers on December 08, 2020

Paying for college is one of the most critical and potentially prohibitive aspects of the college admissions process, and it’s easy for students and their families to feel lost and overwhelmed by...

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Helping Your Students Choose a College Based on Major

By Nadyja Von Ebers on November 03, 2020

If you teach or work with college-bound high school students, you’re in a unique position to help them with the college admissions process. This includes supporting them in choosing a college...

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FAFSA Checklist For Your Students

By Nadyja Von Ebers on October 27, 2020

One of the most critical and often daunting parts of the college admissions process is figuring out how to pay for college.

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Teaching SAT and ACT Vocabulary

By Nadyja Von Ebers on October 22, 2020

When I taught high school English, I was often asked by parents how I intended to help their students prepare for the ACT and SAT. 

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Student Loan Options Explained

By Nadyja Von Ebers on October 09, 2020
Topics:  College, college admissions

An Introduction to Student Loans

If you teach or work with high school juniors or seniors, chances are you hear a lot of buzz from your students about going to college—including paying for college.

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Motivating Students for the ACT/SAT

By Rachel Kapelke-Dale on September 01, 2020
Topics:  ACT, Test Prep, SAT, High School, College

Standardized testing looms large in many students' minds for years before they even begin prep. If they plan on attending college, they know they're going to have to take the ACT or SAT—and this...

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How to Prepare Students for the ACT in 2020

It's 2020, and standardized testing looks different than it ever has before. While testing companies, including the ACT, are working hard to make testing safe and accessible for students, the...

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Tips for Teaching Magoosh Content in a Virtual Setting

By Rachel Kapelke-Dale on August 18, 2020
Topics:  Test Prep, Teachers, High School, Classroom, College

When your classes move online, it's a big change—both for your students and for you. However, this change doesn't have to be negative. While there can be challenges to teaching online, the...

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How to Choose a College

By Nadyja Von Ebers on July 07, 2020

Navigating the sea of college options is one of the biggest challenges for prospective university-bound students. After all, they’ve never been to college before, and it can be difficult to know...

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Best Practices for Instructors Using Magoosh

By Molly Kiefer on June 30, 2020
Topics:  ACT, Test Prep, SAT, High School, Classroom

Every educator has their own unique approach to teaching, but to help get you started we’ve put together some useful guidelines for prepping your students with Magoosh.

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